Meet Emily Drake, Founder & CEO of 360 Enterprise.

With a degree in psychology and 7 years marketing experience, Emily started 360 at the age of 27 back in 2019.

“When I left University, I went on to work in a number of large Media Agencies in London, and I also gained experience across a variety of sectors including: Supermarkets, Automotive, Government, and Food & Beverage. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, but I had a yerning for being able to have (1) more of a direct impact with the businesses I worked on, and (2) provide a service that better connected a brand across all of it’s touchpoints. I understand there is a need for using multiple agencies for different things, but in my experience, it often felt that things weren’t always as well connected as they could be. Not only this, but psychology tells us that salience and consistency builds trust with our audience quicker. That’s why I started 360 Enterprise; everything starts with strategy so we can understand where a client is now, and where they want to get to. We then provide a holistic plan that goes across all elements of the brand, including design, organic marketing, PR, paid ads, websites and more! Once you have this plan, you can either choose 360 to implement it (in whole, or in parts), or you can use your own resource. We work very flexibly with our clients to ensure an experience that best suits them.”

One of the main reasons I started 360 Enterprise was to be in total control of the work I do, and who I get to work with. Whilst we support a wide variety of sectors at 360, my true passion is food, fashion, travel & beauty.

Meet The Team​

At 360 Enterprise, we have a growing team of specialists that support across all our services. We’ve also got a number of account managers who are assigned to our clients as their main point of contact. Originally founded by Emily in 2019, we’re extremely proud to be not just a female-owned business, but a female-led business.


To deliver holistic and psychologically-driven solutions that empower businesses to grow.


To help brands identify who they through psychology, marketing & design.

360 Enterprise HQ

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